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CMS telehealth billing 3-17-20

As we look more into the news from CMS today, we will share here, as well as via our webpage at   Here are two important components for telehealth billing as of today’s announcement:   The following codes (as well as many more) are allowed for telehealth visits 99201 Office/outpatient visit new 99202 Office/outpatient visit new […]

CMS Telehealth updates 3-17-20

CMS has just announced the lifting of some key restrictions on telehealth, including the ability for patients and providers to use “telephones that have audio and video capabilities”.  This means that in addition to quality video software like Zoom, regular old iPhone Facebook video calls qualify for telehealth use!   We are currently helping many […]


 Vandelay Industries Newsletter – August 14, 2019 Ben It’s a crazy week.  Back to school time.  End of summer.  Fourth quarter closing in! Gamification?  Whats that? Level up your health!! There are a million apps that try to gamify portions of your life.  Healthcare is far from immune.  Here are some ideas folks are kicking around.  The intersting part of this […]