Vandelay Industries Newsletter – August 7, 2019


Ben, in this latest installment, we learn more about our future digital overlords, a local agency looking for a CFO, my  doorbell, and Hackers in the French Quarter.  Enjoy!

As if I need more proof

This time a triple serving of AAA in healthcare

Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet make news daily.  Here’s a dose:

Apple is hiring heavily in their healthcare department.

The opposite of Amazon making a move, their Alexa program manager leaving for a healthcare startup.  But maybe it’s just an instance of early recon and they’ll be acquiring?  

And finally, Google AI believes it can detect Liver failure a full 48 hours sooner than traditional methods. 

What commonplace healthcare practices do we use today that will be laughably ancient in just a few short years?

I bought a Nest Hello!

It’s a doorbell with a camera and  speaker

Why do you care?  Because it’s one piece of a connected home.  Alexa, Google/Nest, SimpiSafe, Apple, FitBit, and a myriad of other manufacturers are vying to get their devices in your home.  I’ve succumbed on a couple fronts, because the convenience is just  fantastic!  Will you?  Once they have significant market share, the realities of a connected home health environment will become a no brainer.  Take your pills this morning?  What did you have for breakfast?   Did you workout?  What’s your blood pressure?  How’s your blood sugar?  It’s not far off…

CPCA is hiring a CFO

Some local news!

The California Primary Care Association, an association formed, according to their site, to represent primary care physicians and patients, in particular those in under-served areas, is hiring a CFO.


Louisiana in another State of Emergency

But this one is not an Act of God 

I wonder, by the time it’s said and done, what the bill will be to address 100% of this cyber attack on the state of Louisana’s computer systems.  A state that has spent billions on replacing  infrastructure after Katrina, and now they could be compromised because of a hacker.  This is  becoming more and more common to see these HUGE breaches, and frankly it’s far more frightening to me than what the media actually pays attention to.