Vandelay Industries Newsletter – August 14, 2019


Ben It’s a crazy week.  Back to school time.  End of summer.  Fourth quarter closing in!

Gamification?  Whats that?

Level up your health!!

There are a million apps that try to gamify portions of your life.  Healthcare is far from immune.  Here are some ideas folks are kicking around.  The intersting part of this is that these companies already KNOW how to get  your attention.   When they shift focus to  health, things are going to happen…

Back to School!

Holy cow, what a racket!

I can’t believe how much time, money, and effort is necessary to get two kids ready to go back to school!

I should have bought stock in Sharpie!  My daughter needs to have two normal, one fine, and one thick.  Of course they are only sold in four packs of anything.  Which reminded my wife of this great scene from Father of the Bride.

A New Healthcare Consumer Experience

This makes too much sense.  Never going to work.

In this article there is a line I find particularly interesting.

“Dybbs’ job is to help employers and employees better understand, navigate, and pay for healthcare by improving the UX/UI portion of their journey.”

Modern applications that will FAIL  if they don’t provide a quality user experience are a too long overlooked component of healthcare.

Thanks Debbie!!

This was shared by a client.  

The hacks are real.  This was not one of our clients, or even a Sacramento practice, but I understand Sutter is using  this as an example of  bad things happening to good people.  These hacks are real folks.  It’s  getting worse.  We are working every day to find new ways to prevent and recover.