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    About Us

A few words about Vandelay Industries

Vandelay Industries is a professional IT Services business based in Sacramento, California. We bring our focus on quality and value to clients in the greater Sacramento and Sierra Foothill regions.

Vandelay Industries was started in 2003 when the President and Owner, Ben Hardt, left GE to take an opportunity working with a prominent mass tort law firm in Sacramento.  In addition to the law firm, a number of state government and small business clients joined the ranks of the first Vandelay Industries clients.  Over the next several years, the client list grew to include several law firms, financial services firms, additional state government agencies and other small businesses.

In 2007 Vandelay Industries expanded the scope of businesses to include healthcare.  Healthcare has since begun to see significant changes in technology.  With the recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the implementation of national healthcare reform mandated by the Federal Government, the opportunity to shape healthcare with technology has become a driving force behind Vandelay Industries.

Today the Vandelay Industries team supports a growing number of businesses across several vertical markets with a core group of engineers that are passionate about technology.  We are always looking for ways to increase our knowledge and expand the breadth of expertise that we can bring to bear for our clients.

Meet your team

Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out. – Ronald Reagan

Ben Hardt

President and Owner
Ben is the owner and president of Vandelay Industries, but rest assured, it‘s an elaborate ruse to hide his true identity. We can’t tell you what his true identity is. It’s a secret, although some Say That he wears hIs hearinG aids reversed so he can hear what others say behind his back, and that he only dreams in the color purple. He writes employee bios in his spare time.

Chuck McClelland

Vice President
You may recognize Chuck from the "most interesting man in the world" commercials on TV (that’s TeleVision for all you Gen Y folks). He’s been accused of not sharing his Cheerios with the three year-olds in his neighborhood and has in fact been turned in to neighborhood watch on at least six occasions for "Cheerio Taunting". If you really want to have a great weekend, fill your pockets with catnip and watch the hilarity that ensues.

Will Adams

Director of Operations
Will began working on computers with Leonardo Da Vinci, and is actually the model for the drawings of "Vitruvian Man". He went underground for several hundred years, and has emerged as a system engineer for Vandelay Industries. He enjoys meditation, corn on the cob, and soulless automobiles.

Yousif Sabah

Field Manager
Yousif may or may not be a trained assassin. Nobody knows. "Dead men tell no tales" or so the saying goes. He has worn a beard since the age of seven, but shaved it just this morning. Like Clark Kent, he wears glasses as a thin disguise. What is he hiding?

Vitaliy Ivanilov

Support Engineer
Vitaliy is the nicest person ever.  He is even nicer than Yousif.  He is probably the most wonderful person on the planet Earth.  He has no flaws, and is very intelligent and is also very good looking.  I would trust Vitaliy with anything, and would recommend him for anything and I'm not just saying this because he's Russian mafia.

Vincent Vang

Support Engineer
Vincent once wrassled a grizzly bear.  He once flew as front-seater to Chuck Yeager.  He once had dinner with the Dalai Lama (and imparted some wisdom).  He once recited pi to 1.3 million places.  He once laughed in the face of Gordon Ramsay.  He once played Beethoven's entire library without stopping.  He twice saved a puppy from a burning building.

JuanCarlos Carlson

System Engineer
JuanCarlos hates when I tell people this secret, but it's absolutely true.  He is a Midnight Zumba instructor.  Shhhh.  Don't spread the word.  Don't look for him online, his classes are like Fight Club.  First rule, don't talk about Midnight Zumba.

Cory Rapp

Support Engineer
Cory has many talents.  He is a man of many talents.  He is certainly talented.  How will he use those talents?  For Good or for Evil?  What is the difference anymore?  Can anyone tell me the difference?  Is there a Wiki entry?  Bueller?

Coming Soon

Lucky Someone
We've done it.  We've created the perfect conditions, someone has joined the cause, resistance is futile!  Can't you just wait to see who it is?

Your Name Here!

Dream Job
If you worked here, you'd be home by now.  You could have a clever biography.  Full of mostly true statements.  Working with a team that really cares about what we do and how we do it.  We like each other!  We like our clients!  We might like you!  We are looking for a skilled resource, someone with strong server and virtualization skills would be ideal.  Maybe you have been working for "the man" and want to come have some fun!  If you think you could be a good fit, send an email with your resume to jobs at sayvandelay.com  

Our Products and Services

Our goal with every single client is to provide service at the highest level and to help you use technology to improve your business. We have partnered with a select few vendors that match our quality goals.


MARS was developed based out of client demand, so there are no fluffy features, only rock solid architecture and security built for small business needs. No compromises. We’ve developed a robust, highly available, redundant platform based on industry leading hardware and software from VMWare, Microsoft, Veeam, Cisco, Meraki, and Hewlett Packard.


Vandelay Industries is committed to our healthcare clients. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the portion dedicated to healthcare (HITECH) have created opportunities for healthcare reform that are unmatched in history.

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While you may argue the motivation and the methods, there is no arguing the impact that government spending is having on healthcare.

We are already helping our clients qualify for Pay for Participation programs like PQRI, eRx, and Meaningful Use. Technology is playing a critical role with any of these programs and we help our clients implement correctly.

Security and Privacy are critical concerns for any practice. We utilize industry standard software and practices to help our clients achieve a balance between usability and security.

Mobile access has become a tool that can be indispensable for providers. We help practices with the systems to provide remote access from home, from the hospital or surgery center, or in the exam room. Providing a consistent interface regardless of the platform or location is very achievable.

Our expertise spans across these and other areas particular to Healthcare:

  • Dictation
  • Email/Secure messaging
  • Security
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Patient Portal
  • EMR/EHR planning and implementation
  • Virtualization
  • Application delivery
  • Network design and support
  • VPN/Remote access
  • Voice and Data services
  • Telephony
  • Printing and Copying

Law and Finance

The first clients Vandelay Industries worked with were law firms.  We have been working in law since the inception of Vandelay Industries, and we bring to bear that expertise and experience for our clients in law.

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Calendaring, case management, time billing, discovery, trial prep; all are areas that are particular to law firms and that require special knowledge and attention. We work with the major vendors including Timeslips (Sage), Abacus, Compulaw, Lexis Nexis, Thomson West, Client Profiles, Summation and others to craft solutions for our clients in the legal industry. Our knowledge includes expertise in these areas and more:

  • Security
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Archival (physical and electronic)
  • Remote Access

Vandelay Industries has long supported the financial services sector. Financial professionals require quality, accuracy and security. Information exchange is highly regulated and security is paramount. We work with a number of independent financial advisors and CPA firms and provide the expertise in technology for them to be able to serve their clients well. We understand the vertical applications that are required and we implement solutions around those applications.

We have knowledge in these and other areas of expertise:

  • Secure Broker Accounts
  • Contact database management (ACT, Goldmine, SalesForce, etc.)
  • Vertical application support (Point, Calyx, Schwablink, etc.)
  • Secure email hosting
  • Desktop and Laptop security, including physical security, hard drive encryption, etc.
  • Server security
  • Backup and recovery
  • VPN / Remote access


Vandelay Industries has been built by supporting a variety of small business clients.  We work well in particular vertical markets, but we also understand the needs of small businesses in general.  We have worked in Real Estate, with Lobbyists, with Consultants and Restauranteurs.

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We have worked with Bio-Medical, and with education. Regardless of the industry or solution, we always deliver quality. We provide many of the same solutions across the board, including:

    • Security
    • VPN/Remote access
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Server and Desktop management
    • Network management
    • Voice and Data
  • Email

Vandelay Industries has extremely knowledgeable Apple resources on staff. We have expertise working with Apple computers in business environments, in schools, and government. We have designed and implemented solutions for Active Directory integration, access to Windows server and workstation platforms, Final Cut workflows, Graphics and Photography environments, virtualization of both server and desktop OS’s, and many others.

We know Apple and we know how to integrate it into today’s Windows world.

Our Tools and Solutions

We use a standard set of tools to help create solutions that are powerful and consistent. These world class vendors help us be successful.

Latest News

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